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Invest in Efficient Windows with MMalumínios systems and get maximum comfort in your home, with significant energy savings.

To culminate the energy losses in your home (heating and thermal conductivity of the space-environment), windows made with PVC profiles are great insulators, because the lower the thermal conductivity, the greater the insulation. MMalumínios solutions allow you to save on energy consumption as they have a superior capacity for insulation against cold and heat, ensuring comfort in your home.

The Uw value measures the insulation value of a material, as it reflects the energy that is transmitted through that material. PVC profiles are, notably, those that transfer less energy.

Source: Kommerling | normativa europeia ISO 10077-1

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Windows are critical elements in the thermal comfort of a building. Windows are responsible not only for heat losses in winter, but also for heat gains in summer, revealing themselves as one of the key elements and with a high potential for improvement in a home. This fact is evidenced by the high number of energy certificates that present the intervention in the glazed spans as one of the measures to improve the property’s energy performance. In this sense, it is essential to communicate to the owner not only the improvement potential of their windows, but also help them to select the products that meet their needs and have the best energy performance, providing the consumer with more information beyond the generic concepts that today they translate the perception of efficient windows: “double glazing” and “thermal cut”.

Of particular relevance are the small interventions, rehabilitations or improvement works carried out in existing buildings. For these interventions, which depend on the property owner looking for efficient products, labeling will be an important instrument to stimulate this demand.

The growing use of windows with more efficient classes of performance, either at the option of consumers or at the suggestion of the manufacturers or installers themselves, will lead to a reduction in the energy bill of families and, consequently, important energy savings for the country. Additionally, more efficient windows also provide significant reductions in the levels of outside noise felt inside the homes, so that the overall comfort levels in the property increase considerably.

The window energy label allows consumers to compare solutions on the market by simply checking the energy performance class, ranging from “G” (least efficient) to “A” (most efficient). The class results from the evaluation of the window’s performance in the coldest and hottest months of the year, reflecting the better or worse ability to reduce thermal losses in winter or minimize overheating in summer. All for the same normative framework, which allows a comparison between windows, for the same conditions.

The label also includes other more detailed technical information, such as the calculation parameters that were used to determine the energy performance, as well as additional data related to the characteristics of the glass and the sound attenuation capacity of the window. In addition to the large-format label provided with the window, it will also include a small label, permanently incorporated into the product and which will guarantee the traceability of each window.

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