RolaPlus Shutters

Among the new equipment incorporated in this product stands out the integration of the most modern motor systems, as well as different and innovative remote control drives and supports for them.

Also included are 2 new types of blades (in PVC and aluminium), although we want to highlight the so-called self-locking blades that offer maximum home security, as they automatically block whenever they are forced from the outside. Therefore, these robust blades replace the antiaesthetics and traditional grids that on many occasions break the harmony of its façade. In terms of design, this RolaPlus shutters can now be purchased in any of the colors (smooth and metallized), and in any range of wood finishes (the same colors available for the Windows).

And, all this maintaining the best levels of thermal and acoustic insulation: Uw average value of 1.12 W/M2K, up to 40 dB of sound reduction, maximum air impermeability (level 4).