Sun Visor Blades

Systems designed for the solar protection of buildings.

In an elegant and modern way we reach the sun-shattering effect through the aesthetic sense that these systems offer.

In building up, the demand for equilibrium with the surroundings is one of the explanatory factors of the growing use of this product. These elliptical section systems can be fixed or movable, applied horizontally or vertically, protecting the buildings from the direct incidence of the sun rays and making it possible to properly use the natural light, which translates into the Increased comfort and reduced energy consumption of buildings.

The movement of the blades is carried out by a mechanism applied to the axle, moving electrically or manually. MMalumínios offers in the market several dimensions of blades according to the aesthetic effect intended. For all typologies, mobilization accessories (manual or Automatic) or fixation (tops or intermediate points) are available sequentially and at an angle.