This system constitutes the following generation of Kömmerling profiles with a frame depth of 70 mm and rounded shapes, these profiles considerably improve the insulation benefits, while providing a new aesthetic to carpentry.

EuroFutur is the most complete system for doors and windows

The design with five chambers achieves a thermal transmittance value (UW) of 1.3 W/M2K (with the frame 0001 and the 0011 sheet). This value satisfies the strictest demands of the new national and European standards.

Also, its greater depth and robustness allows to adapt special glasses to solve acoustic requirements. The works performed with the EuroFutur system guarantee acoustic insulations greater than 35 DB, which can be improved with a suitable choice of glass.

All the color possibilities (veneers with wood finish, lacquered) are available for the EuroFutur Elegance profiles.