Particular Clients

mmalumínios works for private clients who want to renovate their home or even install efficient windows and doors in their house built from scratch. At your disposal, we have a vast team of professionals who accompany the customer at all stages. We seek to advise the client so that his choice is always in accordance with his needs. We provide all the necessary technical information so that the result is to the customer’s liking. We guarantee the best service for providing efficient windows and doors with excellent quality.

  • Initially, an appointment will be made with the client, so that our technician / salesperson can approach which are the best efficient window and door solutions for the client’s home, according to their needs.
  • After the choice is made, our budgeting department will prepare a budget containing all the detailed and rigorous information of all the products chosen by the customer.
  • We support and advise the client regarding types of financing that are to his personal liking.
  • When the budget is adjudicated and everything is formalized, our technician / salesperson accurately measures all the gaps so that you can order all the necessary materials and schedule the delivery times for the assembly.Our assembly team will disassemble and then install the new efficient windows and doors.
  • When the whole process is finished, we will always have an after-sales technical assistance service at your disposal during the warranty, in case, for example, you need to adjust the windows and doors.
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