The PremiDoor elevator slide combines an elegant design with the most advanced Kommerling technology for large glazing with a very light slide.

The profile has 4 insulating chambers and an airtight double seal clasp that guarantees your tightness. The mechanism from which the leaf rises over itself has very easy handling. In addition, the frame incorporates a large reinforcement of aluminium which gives it a great resistance. In addition, this advanced system stands out for its insurmountable values of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The PremiDoor profile has a Uw = 1, 7W/m2 value and allows you to house glass up to 39 mm thick. A PremiDoor slide with a low emissivity (radiation) glass can reach a insulation up to 0, 7W/m2, a really spectacular insulation level.

This system can be built with 2, 3 or 4 sheets that can reach up to 3 meters each, and allows distinct variants of fixed and movable leaves, offering a wide variety of architectural solutions.