mmalumínios has been carrying out several architectural projects and architectural renovation. Our main objective is to provide efficient windows and doors that contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Currently, it is very important that energy consumption is reduced in order to have the least possible environmental impact. With our team of qualified professionals, combining our products of excellence, our service is of high quality. Mmalumínios offers support for all requested projects and provides the appropriate solutions for each one.


Together with Architects and Designers, mmalumínios receives, studies, advises and monitors all architectural projects for new works and renovations. All projects are different, thus requiring specific attention. That is, for each project, there is an ideal and unique solution. mmalumínios makes this follow-up and indicates which is the best window and door system, always considering some fundamental aspects. These aspects will make all the difference in the performance of the solutions mentioned. We support the choice of typologies, technical and aesthetic requirements, glass, and we also advise on which are the best options that guarantee the best thermal and acoustic performance, taking into account the rules and legislation in force. We always take into account the technical and economic optimization of each chosen product. These will be described in detail in the span map prepared by us.

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